New Tip

ITV @ 150p

We fancy that these are oversold and with a potential take over brewing, there could be good pickings here.

Still outstanding Beowolf8p….awaiting concession news.





Lloyds is now 72p+ from our initial buy price of 66p……….your 10% is realised. Time to sell? Your choice. 

Off our radar.

ANOTHER success along with Sabre, Indivior and Barratt.

Only Beowolf, now @ 8p outstanding.




Sabre Insurance now £2.81 from our recommended £2.50 BUY

Your decision now to sell or hold.

Off our radar ……our work is done.

Another success along with Indivior and Barratt 



New tip!

We suggest getting in on Sabre Insurance, just floated. This company takes on car insurance for people having trouble finding a willing insurer.

Buy at now £2.50 (float price £2.30)  




Lloyds 67.44p from 66p start….HOLD …..Brexit uncertainty.

Beowolf 6p down from 9.5p due to an unfavourable decision from Cab …HOLD…..a risk but always was….now awaiting Swedish govt to give its verdict




Indivior up today to 371p from our suggested buy at 290p.

Time to sell? Your decision as nice profit.

Now off our radar.

Beowolf & Lloyds still on hold.



Well, Barratt has done us proud reaching 705p today from our tipping price of 593p.

They go ex-div tomorrow so expect a large drop as the payment includes a special div.

After that, they are off our radar.

Indivior is still a hold as are Lloyds and Beowolf. 



Our current tips are starting to move especially Barratt soon ex-div 593p to 646p

and Indivior  290p to 345p.

Lloyds keep pushing up and are now 67.5p

Beowolf is still waiting for updates about licences.

Watch for more tips soon.




The holiday season is now over and serious trading begins.

The current position of our tips are as follows:

Lloyds is at 63p due to Brexit uncertainty so do not worry……in fact top up!! The government has sold its last holdings so the bank is now free.

Beowolf are still  8p and waiting for the licence which is imminent.

We now offer more tips.


This drug company has just lost a court case in the USA enabling other companies to use brand names for their dependence treatment drug SUBOXONE.

The share crashed from 400+ to 270. It is now recovering and currently at 290…….BUY.


Fantastic results this week but priced dropped from 624p to 593p. A large div and special divi are x div in Oct giving an approx  6% yield….. BUY.

Major Domo


Last week we recommended Lloyds & Beowolf.…… is the current status.

Lloyds is now hovering at our suggested 66p buy price ……..if you buy remember we suggested you sell on reaching 72p. It’s in and out due to Euro uncertainty. 

With regard to Beowolf their price collapsed 20% this week due to the Swedish mining inspectorate shoving the onus of a licence grant back on the Swedish Government. They have been playing this game for a while now and the price fluctuates accordingly so do not be too alarmed by this drop to 8p as it was 4p less than a year ago. The gamble is on approval and last weeks announcement was not a rejection. Hold tight if you bought and on the bright side this is a better buying opportunity!!

Major Domo.






Good morning.

We do not claim to be experts in this field but we think we can guide you in the way of some useful share tips just as good as the so-called experts. After all if they were any good they wouldn’t have to work, would they? They rely on salaries and commission and are only good at churning fees from you. The brokers tell you one thing and mean another to satisfy waiting clients who want to buy or ditch their stock at the right price!

ie If Mr A has a few million shares in let’s say  BOXTOP and wants a decent price to sell these then his broker will recommend these as a buy to get the price up and vice versa, if Mr A wants to buy the broker, will recommend a sell. Ignore brokers!

Well, to get you started we must first advise that we think that the market, in general, is oversold and that there are imminent dangers with the Euro, Brexit and China so don’t get caught in for long.

We give two tips this week:

Lloyds at 66p are value now that the govt has sold its last holdings. We would buy at that or less and sell on 72p for a quick 10% profit. Normally we would hold these but the banking sector is delicate with overborrowing on credit cards and Lloyds now own MBNA.

Beowolf, the mining company are a gamble at 9.5p but any decision to grant them a concession by the Swedish authorities with BEMs exploration at Kallak would see the share price up to at least 25p! If this happens its in and out at a nice profit as mining the iron ore would need finance and incur a Rights Issue dilution to price at a later stage. Be happy with a profit! 

 Good luck


Major Domo